“The Foundation represents a rare opportunity, not only to support and grow our faith today, but to have a far-reaching, multi-generational impact on the Church.”

The Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago Foundation (the “Foundation”) is a not-for-profit charitable organization that was formed to provide long-term financial support to the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago (“Metropolis”), the episcopal see of Orthodox Christianity in the Midwest. The Foundation’s mission is to provide the Metropolis with necessary funds to realize its vision for the Church in the Midwest. We envision a Church that is dynamic, relevant, and impactful for future generations to come. Our parishes are growing; we joyfully care for the most vulnerable in society; and we offer thoughtful responses to challenges affecting humanity.

The Metropolis of Chicago’s Long-term Vision

We have developed dynamic lay and clergy leaders throughout the Metropolis.

Our success stems from the dynamism of our clergy. The Higher Calling Program has helped our clergy grow spiritually and professionally. Our priests are engaged in continuing education and leadership formation opportunities. Their growth has fashioned positive changes at home and the parish. The clergy cultivate the hearts and minds of lay leaders, who actively partake in church ministry.

We are growing and establishing new parishes.

The Metropolis offers parishes essential resources and best-practice guidelines to do God’s work in their local contexts. We have built bridges between parishes and amplified the successes of individual parishes across our Metropolis. Strategic decisions to realign resources has helped us increase the number of parishes in our Metropolis. Larger parishes actively support the formation of local mission parishes. The rate of growth outpaces the rate of attrition.

We are revitalizing our cities.

Our love for our most vulnerable neighbors makes us a vital part of our society. Through the efforts of Philoptochos and Project HOPE, we have served more than 100M meals and provided over 1M nights of shelter to those in need. We collaborate with other non-profits and government agencies to extend other forms of aid to those in need.

We are a thought-leader, providing unique responses to universal concerns that impact everyday life.

We have developed a local think tank that gathers the greatest minds of our community and invites them to engage and address the most important issues affecting humanity. Our Church, therefore, proactively influences the public debate around such topics and inspires solutions to pressing challenges.

We have achieved long-term financial vibrancy.

As a result of the spiritual renewal occurring across our Metropolis, there is a great desire to contribute to the work of the Church. Grassroots annual support to our Metropolis covers our operating budget. Funds received through the Archdiocesan National Ministries program are invested in the long-term vibrancy of the Church. As a result, the Metropolis of Chicago Foundation has surpassed $50M. We are well positioned to fund the growth and expansion of our Church in the Midwest. We are locked in arms, inspired by God’s abundant gifts, and walk together toward a more inspirational future.